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Tuvia Group.

Vision, Innovation and Financial discipline

Tuvia Group, headed by Marco Oriolo, is an holding company fruit of an entrepreneurial history born in 2007, now counting a portfolio of over 20 companies operating worldwide.

Tuvia Group owes its success to the creation of a group integrated into all segments of the logistics branch industry.

Supported by more than 400 partners worldwide, Tuvia Group represents a team able to combine a mid- to long- term strategic business concept with innovative procedures and a a strict financial discipline.



Tuvia universe was born by the takeover of Tuvia Italia, Tuvia USA, Tuvia Hong Kong e Tuvia South Africa.


Tuvia Group was born integrating Tuvia universe with the investments made in Kazakhstan, China, Thailandia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Russia e Saudi Arabia.


The Group entered the offshore shipping field.


The Group carried out a joint venture with the german transport company TKA and opened a a branch company in Germany. In the same year, Tuvia Group opened up to the transport engineering field, beginning a joint venture with the Interprogetti company.


Tuvia Group launched a fleet of special trucks in order to trasport liquified natural gas; the network expanded to Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkmenistan and Georgia.


The Group built a LNG warehousing terminal in north-west Kazakhstan.


The Group developed with T-PAC a logistics and packaging platform in Thailandia, used for packaging planning and building in the plant design field.


Tuvia Group completed the Tuvia Italia evaluating process; Tuvia Group chose an international leader in the logistics market as Kerry Logistics to sell Tuvia Italia majority share, letting the company to start a new path of growth and international development.