Business Model

Tuvia Group business model is based on three pillars:

Adding value to business
Combining a long-term business concept with innovative procedures and a strict financial discipline are the key issues.

Managing the change progressively
Tuvia Group bases its choices on the belief that bringing about necessary changes it is an essential step in order to attune to the surrounding world.

Handling uncertainty by organizing the future in advance
The paradigm means to Tuvia Group being able to turn difficulties into new oppurtunities.

Strategic Business Areas: Business Units

Tuvia Group is an investment company which combine entrepreneurship with the fundamentals of finance, focused on the growth of its own affiliated companies, respecting their large management autonomy while providing them and defining a clear strategy of membership to the business unit.

Over the years, Tuvia Group has increasingly consolidated its presence in the logistics market.

Through a process of rearrangment, implementation and development of new oppurtunities, Tuvia Group is now working in four main business units as shown below:

> Freight Logistics

Tuvia Group has been working successfully for several years through a wide portfolio of companies operating in the main developing markets, within a key strategic business area in the logistics branch industry.

In particular, Tuvia Group develops highly specialised projects within specific market niches, with particular reference to the Oil & Gas field.

Therefore, the Group deals with a market characterized by a strong growth process, which is strictly related to the development of trade flows internationally and to global economics conditions.

Rig moving

Tuvia Group manages integrated logistics processes in the RIG Moving area thanks to the experience consolidated by its companies in the Oil & Gas field.

> International shipments

International shipment area represents the business unit in which Tuvia Group works worldwide through a wide and articulated portfolio of companies having a consolidated experience and being able to offer all the range of services of the market.

In this case too, the Group works into a developing market and following the positive development trend of global markets.

> Shipping services

Shipping services represent another important market in the logistics branch industry; Tuvia Group has been working in this area for serveral years through its subsiadiaries having great prestige and experience.

The companies included in the Group develop their own business in a market, whose growth expectations, though moderately and irregularly, seem to be significantly comforting.

> Industrial services

The Group presence in the industrial services business unit represents the strategy used by Tuvia Group to increase its business within markets closely related to the logistics branch industry.

The benchmark areas of the companies included in the portfolio of the Group range from industrial packaging to building, plant and naval design, from engineering to technical consultancy and industrial facilities planning with particular specialization in the Oil & Gas area.

Through the safeguard and the growth in this business area, Tuvia Group succeeds in realizing a vertical and horizontal integration of logistics services.

The increase in demand and in the resulting investments, together with the rapid process of globalization in this area, have reported a strong growth of this field with a further large increase.